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Since publishing the AV9000 Book, the practices contained therein have been applied to hundreds of systems with tremendous success. “Zero Defects” brings about significant cost savings to the AV buyer where it means the most – the hidden costs of a project.

In 2011 AVR actively participated in the AV9000 Forum, where the checklists underwent yet even more improvements after being reviewed by representatives from 16 organizations – integrators, designers, technology managers, and independent programmers. The result is the AV9000:2011 Standard.

More information can be found on the AQAV website (The Association for Quality in Audio Visual Technology, Inc.), of which AVR is a proud member:

The referenced site also has instructions for downloading a standard specification “boilerplate” that we recommend be built into the language of all AV technology Requests For Proposals. This performance-based specification includes the current Staging and Commissioning Checklists found in AV9000:2011. These tests are essential for attaining zero-defects AV. Included also is the language that explains that final payment will be withheld until the system is certified by a qualified representative of the vendor. If non-conformances arise, and there are discrepancies with the system test results, the client not only introduces the possibility of a third-party Testing and Verification Services provider, but this approach also funds the corrective action in a way that protects the buyer.
This specification is free.

For a full complement of checklists used in AV quality assurance, you may purchase a copy of the complete standard. Information on purchasing the standard can be found on the AQAV website.

Design Review Aid

Download this abbreviated yet handy Design Review Checklist. It comes complete with a Calculations tab which helps you do the calculations needed to predict the performance of a system before it is built and installed.

click here For the Design Calculator